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In today’s retail and hospitality world, customer service is top priotrity. Your team needs connectivity instantly, responding quickly to address customer requests while providing premium service.

From back-of-house to front-of-store, the Motorola CLPe is your low cost, stylish and essential team communication tool. Built to last all day, every day with strong, clear audio, making it a breeze to communicate in noisy envrionments.

CLP Series

Improved customer service
Talk to an expert in communication about how we can assist you with your purchase and ongoing support.

Efficient workplace
CLPe offers two models and versatile accessories to compliment your staff and work environment.

Allows distancing
Available with up to 8 channels, and repeater capable, your business can organise team communications in the space you need.

Low cost
Designed to protect your investment, the CLPe is IP54 rated to resist dust and water that could otherwise damage the radio.

Easy to use
8 colors to indicate active channel, radio transmit & receive, scan, volume level, mute, and battery status.

Long lasting battery
Operates for up to 20 hours to help your teams power throughextended shifts.

Loud & clear audio
Clear and crisp audio performance in any environment. Adjust between 15 volume levels.

The sleek design is combined with essential controls to provide you with everything you need to stay connected.

The CLPe dimension are 51mm wide, 90mm high and 25mm in depth.


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