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Motorola VX-454




The Motorola VX-454 is an industrial grade portable analog radio that features an 8-character alphanumeric display and 7 custom-programmable keys, along with incredible safety features. All Vertex Standard radios, including the VX-454 analog portable radio, include built-in safety features such as Emergency and Lone Worker alerts, making the VX-454 ready for any emergency.

Emergency notification makes it possible for you to call for help with just the press of a button. When the button is pressed, the radio switches to a designated channel that sends an alert for help. The Lone Worker feature is a built-in timer that requires you to reset within a predetermined interval of time and if it is not reset, the radio will switch automatically to Emergency mode and send out an alert for help. Another optional safety feature is Man Down function (with DVS-9 unit), which uses a 3-axis sensor to monitor if a worker has fallen and then can call for help.

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