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Motorola AARMN4026B Palm Mic




Communicate with ease with this enhanced keypad microphone, which includes a full numeric keypad so you can dial phone numbers from the microphone. It also has three customisable buttons that can be programmed with any of the control head features.

Compatible with: Motorola CDM1250, Motorola CDM1550, Motorola CDM1550 LS, Motorola CDM1550 LS+, Motorola CDM750, Motorola CM200, Motorola CM200d, Motorola CM300, Motorola CM300d, Motorola EM200, Motorola EM400, Motorola GM1200E, Motorola GM300, Motorola GM350, Motorola GM600, Motorola GM900, Motorola GM950, Motorola GTX LTR Mobile, Motorola GTX Privacy Plus Mobile, Motorola LCS 2000, Motorola M10, Motorola M120, Motorola M1225, Motorola M1225 LS, Motorola M130, Motorola M208, Motorola M216, Motorola MCS 2000, Motorola MCX1000, Motorola MTM300, Motorola MaraTrac, Motorola MaxTrac, Motorola Mostar, Motorola PM1200, Motorola PM400, Motorola PRO3100, Motorola PRO5100, Motorola PRO7100, Motorola SM120, Motorola SM50 ,Motorola XPR 2500

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