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Effortless Communication: Exploring Additional WAVE PTX Options To Get Your Team Connected

Previous Mobicomm communication about WAVE PTX has focused on the main radio hardware of the TLK100 and TLK150. However, there are more options, including an app to turn your existing smart phone into a push-to-talk handset!

This blog will discuss three more ways to use WAVE: the Evolve handset, the WAVE PTX mobile application, and WAVE PTX Dispatch.



The Evolve LTE handheld device is like a radio and a smart phone all in one and blends an intuitive user interface and an open platform architecture with the robustness and dependability characteristic of a vital communications tool.

Evolve was designed for durability, ensuring reliable performance in any business environment. With complete dustproofing and the ability to withstand immersion in up to 2 metres of water for 2 hours. With a rugged 5” display featuring Gorilla Glass 3, it can endure repeated drops onto concrete. Meeting IP68 and MIL-810 standards, Evolve is engineered to withstand tough conditions. It's equipped for on-the-job performance with a touchscreen operable with gloves, liquid-resistant features, physical programmable buttons, and standard Android menu and navigation buttons.

Custom-built to complement Motorola Solutions broadband push-to-talk systems like WAVE PTX, Evolve enables your teams to connect swiftly and effectively across diverse devices, networks, and locations. Featuring familiar user controls reminiscent of a two-way radio, including dedicated emergency and push-to-talk buttons, simple talk group selections, and centralized provisioning and configuration, Evolve ensures ease of use.


WAVE PTX Mobile Application
Turn your phone into a Push-To-Talk (PTT) device with the WAVE PTX Mobile App for instant communication over broadband. Connect your radio system to WAVE PTX, expanding talk groups for universal participation.

Two Modes, One App

Easily communicate with PTT Radio mode or full client functionality in Standard mode.

Inclusive Conversations

Connect smartphone and radio users in the same talk groups, ensuring seamless communication between back office and front office.

Enhanced Communication

Share text, video, images, and files for clear messaging.


WAVE PTX Dispatch

Simplify operations with WAVE Dispatch. Access communication tools from any internet-connected device to manage resources and coordinate operations seamlessly.

Setup Anywhere

WAVE PTX Dispatch is browser-managed, eliminating maintenance. Sign in securely from anywhere with an internet connection and standard web browser.

Instant Communication

Stay connected with teams using WAVE PTX push-to-talk. Monitor communication traffic and connect instantly with groups and individuals.

Share Details

Easily Share information via integrated messaging, including text, photos, videos, and files. Enhance coordination by viewing team locations and searching for addresses or points of interest.


WAVE PTX is a versatile communication solution suitable for many industries. See how it can benefit your business here, or click below to read how WAVE PTX has transformed JG Ag & Transport’s communication.


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