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At Mobicomm, we want to keep your people safe by staying connected.

From mobiles to handhelds to repeaters - we provide sales advice, system design and installation of conventional, trunked and DMR two way radio equipment from world leading manufacturers including Motorola, Vertex, Icom, GME, Tait and Hytera.

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Service During an Emergency or Disaster

Failure of cell towers and landlines is common during an emergency or disaster. Two way radio will continue to work and allows you to communicate with all workers at once, as opposed to individual calls on your phones.

Battery Life

Designed with long battery life, with many models able to continue to operate for 12-26 hours without recharging, our two way radios will last in any situation.

Value Added Features

The functionality of next-generation digital two way radios extends well beyond voice communications and includes value-adding features such as text messaging and GPS location.

Rugged and Long Life Reliability

Commercial grade two way radios and equipment that is purpose built for tough environments and less likely to crack or break when dropped. Designed for resistance to vibration, extreme temperatures and wet conditions.

Worker Safety

We provide solutions for lone worker and man down situations for employees working alone, in remote locations with no cellular coverage or hazardous environments. Two way radios ability to customise and automate alerts for different situations makes this vital.

Clear Audio

An important communication feature is the ability to hear clearly in a noisy environment. The voice quality on digital mobile radio is enhanced through background noise suppression technology which ensures clear voice is delivered in most extreme scenarios.


As a Hamilton based business, we know the value of building a strong community. That's one of the reasons why we sponsor local events and non-profits in our area.


Have you got a big event coming up? Need mobile radio communications to ensure everything runs smoothly?

Welcome to Airtime Plus Rentals, a 100% New Zealand owned company based out of Hamilton. We specialise in quality two way radio solutions, stocking only products that are high quality and will stand up to rigorous use. Constantly updating our stock means that we can always offer you the latest and greatest in two way radio solutions.

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