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Check out our extensive range of core products from Motorola, Tait, GME, Uniden and Icom.


From Mobiles to Handhelds

Sales and installation of conventional, trunked and DMR equipment including:

  • Handhelds, mobiles and repeaters.
  • Professional sales advice
  • Supply of quality radio equipment and accessories
  • Installation of equipment into mobile vehicles, plant and buildings
  • Repairs and fault finding

Increasing Safety & Efficiency

We know that safety is vital in any business situation; we at Mobicomm can offer solutions that will keep your workers safe.

  • DMR radio solutions for GPS fleet management
  • Experienced installers of cellular GPS/fleet management systems
  • Lone worker solutions

Your Comms WOF

No equipment can be 100% reliable. Risk of failure is increased by a lack of regular maintenance, the standard of installation and quality of equipment. Regular preventative maintenance will identify issues early and enable solutions before the problems escalates. Think about this as a WOF for your communication system.

Customised Solutions

From large primary industry employing hundreds of staff to a farmer in the back blocks with one employee working alone (or anywhere in between) the team at Mobicomm can design, supply and install two way radio, voice and data communication systems customised to suit your individual needs and utilising the latest technology from leading manufacturers.

Effective communication is an essential building block for success, but how do you know whether your communications platform is optimised for your business? Motorola have created a handy step by step guide to help you figure out whether there is room for improvement in your communication system and what steps you can take to get it running more smoothly.

Have you got a big event coming up? Need mobile radio communications to ensure everything runs smoothly?


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