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Mobicomm is an ICT provider, specializing in integrated voice and data - mobile radio and communication solutions, with the primary aim to increase workplace safety. The business is a Motorola Gold Partner and were recently awarded the Motorola Solutions New Zealand Channel Partner of the Year. Mobicomm is on a mission to build on our recent successes and to continue our growth. 

We are 100% Aotearoa, New Zealand owned and operated covering Central North Island to Cape Reinga.

Mobicomm purchased Richardson Communications and Airtime Plus Rentals in 2017, WES Radio in 2020, Infracom in 2022 and our latest addition Radio Waves in 2023.

At Mobicomm we want to show you that mobile radio is no longer the dinosaur many think it is and that a well-planned communication system is critical to the health and safety of your employees. Mobile radios are tools, not toys; and are critical where positive communication can be the difference between life and death.

Utilising cutting edge technology from world leaders and innovators in two way radio, body worn cameras, LTE/PTT technology such as Motorola, Tait, Icom, Kenwood, GME and Hytera, we here at Mobicomm want to show you the integrated voice and data solutions that will revolutionise the way your business communicates.

Our team has extensive experience in supply and maintenance of communication systems for emergency services, mining, agricultural, transport and local government.


Helicopter Trips

Helicopters are very much like a magic carpet. A good pilot will give you a smooth ride and there is not much to do except strap in and enjoy the view. Most trips are undertaken between 1500 and 2500Read more

Effortless Communication: Exploring Additional WAVE PTX Options To Get Your Team Connected

Previous Mobicomm communication about WAVE PTX has focused on the main radio hardware of the TLK100 and TLK150. However, there are more options, including an app to turn your existing smart phoneRead more

Enhancing Coverage and Connectivity: Coverage without Complications

Maintaining seamless communication for your team demands uninterrupted radio coverage. However, network dead zones and distant locations often pose challenges. When aiming to eliminate dead zones orRead more

Enhancing Workplace Safety: Exploring the Special Safety Features of Two-Way Radios

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Product Feature: Motorola DP3661e

The Motorola DP3661e delivers operations-critical voice and data communications and stands as the premier model in the DP3000e series, offering unmatched capabilities and technological prowess. WithRead more

How-To-Radio: Repeaters

Repeaters can be an incredibly useful part of your two way radio set-up, however many people don't understand what they are or how they can help improve the way you communicate.Read more

Mobicomm's Top 3 Entry Level Private Channel Radios

Private channel radios come with additional costs to set up and an annual fee ongoing compared to the free PRS channels.  Surprisingly this cost is a lot less than you think starting from as little Read more

Public vs Private Channel radio

Both public and private channels have their pros and cons, and the choice between the two often depends on your requirements. Public channels like PRS and CB, designed for casual and short-rangeRead more

Industry Spotlight - Retail and Hospitality

Current circumstances, marked by new shopping behaviours, staff shortages, a cost-of-living crisis, and increased health and safety concerns, have amplified the need for connectivity. To succeed inRead more

Product Feature: Motorola WAVE™

Communication is essential for ensuring your team stays safe and works in an efficient way, and with the Motorola WAVE™ it's never been easier.  This short guide will explain how it works and why Read more

Enhancing Communications While Social Distancing

Latest Updates thanks to our partner Motorola. This brochure describes the benefits of implementing a two-way radio system to enhance communications during social distancing. From backgroundRead more

How-To-Radio: Intrinsically Safe Radios

If you work in an industry where you come into contact with hazardous or flammable materials on a regular basis, the use of intrinsically safe radios and accessories is essential to ensure you and yoRead more

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