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What is TRBOnet PLUS, and how can it help your business?

TRBOnet Plus is an entirely IP-based dispatch application, offering capabilities that extend far beyond basic dispatch functions.

This robust solution empowers users to efficiently control and manage all available resources. Alongside voice dispatch over IP, it incorporates features such as text messaging, voice recording, telephone interconnect, and more, enhancing communication effectiveness. Clients have the option to opt for a single server installation or a distributed and redundant system.

Compatible with any MOTOTRBO system, ranging from single site repeaters to extensive Connect Plus or Capacity Max networks with up to 250 sites, TRBOnet Plus facilitates seamless communication. Moreover, it allows for the connection of disparate MOTOTRBO systems to a single server, enabling cohesive communication between users and dispatchers across various networks. Offering flexibility and scalability, TRBOnet Plus ensures that your system can adapt to evolving needs effortlessly.


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