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How-To-Radio: Power and Wattage

What's the deal with Wattage?

Wattage in two-way radios refers to the amount of power a specific radio can put out. Business radios generally run between 1 to 5 watts depending of the model, the range of the radio increasing with the wattage. Generally speaking a radio that runs at 1 watts of consistent operating power will yield about a mile of coverage, increasing around 30-50% per watt. This is obviously subject to weather and conditions, but it helps to use this as a rough guide.

It’s also important to think about ‘problem spots’ in coverage in your area. While you might get great coverage in your building with a 1 watt UHF radio, you might need to upgrade the wattage of your radio in order to reach the basement or other important areas, in order to ensure constant and consistent communication.

However, if you are wanting to extend your range further than what the radio is able to do by itself, you will need to use something like a repeater, mobile unit or base station.

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