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How-To-Radio: Charge and Battery Life

If you are planning on taking your radio out and about, whether it’s the the farm or a construction site, you are going to want to think about battery life before investing in a two-way radio solution.

If you are a lone worker, or will need to heavily use your radio, it will be a life-saver to have fully charged radios with you. When it’s an urgent situation, you may not have the time to charge your battery before you contact your team.

Radios with higher wattage, while having better range, will also drain power faster. This can be counter-balanced with a ‘power-saver’ mode that some radios are equipped with, allowing you to save battery life in between broadcasts. If your radio uses a Ni-Cad battery, many will be equipped with a rapid discharge button. This will help with conditioning and to prevent memory burn.

There are two main types of single-radio chargers, trickle and rapid-rate. Trickle chargers gradually charge batteries overnight for about 12-16 hours, while rapid rate chargers take around 2-3 hours. While these will technically do the job, if you have a fleet of handheld radios, it may pay to get a multi unit charger. 

Having a multi-unit charger on a worksite means that at the end of the day, batteries can be put in to charge, allowing for a full day of effective communication. Not only does this ensure all of your batteries are in one place, many also feature data cloning, allowing the radios to be more efficiently programmed, copying the settings of a ‘master radio’ that has been assigned.

At Mobicomm, we offer a range of chargers that will keep your batteries and radios ready to use, when you need them, where you need them.

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