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How-To-Radio: Over the Air Programming (OTAP)

Over the air programming is a way to program radios that allows you to program several radios all at the same time by sending files over radio frequencies.

Currently, if you are wanting to get your radio programmed, you will need to take it to a technician, who will plug it into a computer and program it manually. Using OTAP, we can program multiple radios at a time from a remote location, scheduling the updates to happen during downtimes or off-peak hours (provided they are switched on and in range of the repeater).

Even though it sounds like a perfect solution, there are some cases where it doesn't make sense to use OTAP. Often when you have a smaller group of radios, it would take just as long to do OTAP as it might to program manually. This means it works far better for larger-scale solutions, such as factories or complexes, where there will be a high number of radios on site.

Also, OTAP only works on digital radios, meaning that any analogue radios or digital radios operating on an analogue channel will not work with over the air programming.

OTAP works using user-selectable programming, meaning the individual user will be alerted when programming is about to commence, and they will be able to elect whether or not they will authorise it. They can also delay updates to a later time that may be more convenient for their work schedule. This means there is no chance of leaving the radio in a half-updated state, where it would not work properly or at all.

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