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Industry Solutions: Education

In the third instalment of our four part series focusing on how two way radio solutions can improve the way you communicate in different industries, we'll be focusing on education and schools.

Manage Roadside Safety

Pick up and drop off can be some of the busiest and most hectic parts of the day for your faculty. Use a modern, up to date two way radio system to keep students safe while crossing the roads near the school. Manage your volunteers and faculty to ensure there is always someone watching out for your students.

Reduce Risk of Accident and Injury

There are few things more important at a school than keeping your staff and students safe. Protect yourself from tragedy and considerable legal implications with a modern and fully functioning two way radio system. Instant communication means that you don’t have to wait for people to pick up the phone to get in touch.

Keep Your Students Safe

When a security alert goes out, it is vital that action is taken as quickly as possible. With two way radios, instantly send out the warning via the broadcast function and ensure everyone is safe while the incident is dealt with.

Be Proactive

To reduce your schools liability, its important that you act quickly and efficiently and the best way to ensure that is with a modern and up to date two way radio system. Prevent accidents and instantly respond to emergencies and security alerts in order to make sure your school is a safe place for both student and faculty.


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