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Industry Solutions: Hospitality

In the fourth and final instalment of our four part series focusing on how two way radio solutions can improve the way you communicate in different industries, we'll be focusing on hospitality.

Keep Your Guests Safe

During an emergency in your workplace, you can evacuate guests quickly and safely with one-to-many broadcasting functions. A dedicated emergency button lets you call for help quickly and discreetly, regardless of the situation. Man Down and Lone Worker functionality lets injured or distressed staff call for help immediately and lets you keep track of where they are.

Efficient Communication

Don’t sacrifice customer service to keep your communications open. Not only does a two-way radio look far more professional than a smartphone, with security and surveillance kits, the communication can stay discreet, maintaining customer satisfaction.

Never Lose Communication

When working in basements and carparks, cellphone reception doesn’t always work. That’s no longer a problem with an up-to-date two way radio system, as they are able to communicate in locations where phones are unable to connect. Private communications networks keep your line of communication clear and secure, so there are no worries about unwanted listeners.

Reliable and Durable

Two way radios can endure almost any condition, with waterproof technology that beats out any smartphone. Never worry about missing out on important information with radios having audio output up to 700Mw, keeping you connected.


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