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How-To-Radio: Multi-Unit Chargers

Multi-unit chargers are a simple way to charge your handheld two way radios, providing an all in one solution for ensuring your fleet of radios is ready for a full day of effective communication.

Rather than having individual charging units with cords running everywhere, multi-unit chargers can charge up to six radios at a time, ensuring all of your batteries are being charged equally.

Many of these chargers may also come with a range of additional features not possible with single-unit chargers. This may include data cloning, which allows the radios to be more efficiently programmed. By applying settings and programming changes to all of the radios on the charger at one time, you are able to cut down on the time it takes to program each radio individually. This is done by copying the settings of a 'master radio' that has been assigned beforehand.

Motorola's IMPRES range of multi-unit chargers and batteries are some of the best on the market currently. With their innovative charging and conditioning technology, IMPRES multi-unit chargers streamline and automate battery maintenance. This means that talk time and cycle life are optimised, reducing the need for manual maintenance programs. They also feature advanced conditioning, allowing batteries to be left on charge for longer than other chargers found on the market, without incurring heat damage. 

Ensure your batteries are always charged when you need them by investing in a multi-unit charger. We have a great range of these that will be suitable for your existing batteries, or take the opportunity to refresh your batteries. Our team of experts will be able to help you find the two-way radio solution that works for you.

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