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How-To-Radio: Intrinsically Safe Radios

If you work in an industry where you come into contact with hazardous or flammable materials on a regular basis, the use of intrinsically safe radios and accessories is essential to ensure you and your team stay safe and connected.

Intrinsically safe radios are those that have been specifically designed in order to be safe to use in hazardous environments, where the risk of fire is increased. This includes any situation in which you would have contact with highly flammable materials such as petroleum or gas. Two way radios are electrical devices, and therefore have the potential to heat up, and even generate sparks, meaning they are not generally safe to use in these kinds of environments.

Intrinsically safe radios have been specifically designed and tested to be safe and secure in situations like this, ensuring there is no possibility of a spark being created, no matter how small it may be. Every single part of these radios has been designed with safety in mind, even the housing of these radios are made out of a material that reduces friction, ensuring static electricity is not generated. Intrinsically safe radios also use batteries that have been specially designed to prevent from short circuiting in any way, meaning you should only use batteries you know have been made to these specifications.

It is also important that when you are using an intrinsically safe radio, that the accessories you use with it have also been classified as intrinsically safe. This includes any batteries, microphone or even carrying accessories you may have, as using gear that is not intrinsically safe can greatly increase the risk of something going wrong.

As these radios and accessories are built and tested to a higher calibre than some other two way radios, they can come with a higher price tag. While this may seem like a big commitment at first, it is important to remember that by investing in radios guaranteed to be safe in your work environment, you are investing in the safety of your staff and customers.

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