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Motorola VT100
Body Worn Camera

The Motorola VT100 Body Worn Camera films in 720p HD video and integrates seamlessly with existing CCTV. Remote alarm activation allows control room teams to respond quickly.

Capabilities of the VT100 Body Worn Camera

Push-to-stream Alerting

When the wearer of the VT100 presses the record button, push-to-stream alerting transmits a live video feed back to the control room. This allows the control room team to respond quickly and efficiently.

Requires minimal interaction

The VT100 is straightforward to use and has a long battery standby, to guarantee a seamless integration. Footage is securely stored on the device, to ensure the integrity of your video is protected.

Complements existing CCTV

The VT100 links smoothly with your existing CCTV framework. Wi-Fi capability allows for live video feeds to combine with fixed security camera footage, which improves visibility and situational awareness.

Customer-friendly appearance

The VT100 is designed for those in customer-facing roles. The lightweight design includes a front tag that is customizable with your logo and brand colours.


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