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How-To-Radio: Radios vs Cellphones

Why invest in a radio communication system when you already have a smartphone?

The biggest problem that comes from using cellphones in place of two way radios is the inability to use them in places without reception. How many times have you been out on a farm and realise you don’t have any bars on your phone, leaving you completely cut off from the rest of the world. With a two way radio, you are able to communicate with your team, even if you’re out of cellphone coverage.

It doesn’t stop there though, as they are engineered to be used as tools, two way radios have many added features that make them far more useful in a business environment. With rugged designs, and easily replaceable parts, two way radios will stand up to wear and tear that would destroy your average smart phone. Even if something does go wrong, many radios come with warranties that cover them for damage or you can get them fixed promptly here at Mobicomm.

Another advantage is that you don’t have to call people and hope they’re paying enough attention to their phone to answer, instead you just press the transmit button and you get through to them instantly. This is vital in situations where something goes wrong in a workplace, and is enhanced even more with the addition of features such as man down, which automatically sends a signal out if a worker seems like they may have injured themselves, or is in danger. This feature is also able to be altered to fit the needs of your job.

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