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Have you got a big event coming up? Need mobile radio communications to ensure everything runs smoothly?

40% OFF rentals for Level 2

How will your staff work and communicate safely through Level 2?

We are offering all new rental contracts for two-way radios during Level 2! Rental Radios are a great alternative to buying radios and a great solution if you need to communicate with your staff.

Welcome to Airtime Plus Rentals, a 100% New Zealand owned division of Mobicomm based out of Hamilton. We specialise in quality two way radio solutions, stocking only products that are high quality and will stand up to rigorous use. Constantly updating our stock means that we can always offer you the latest and greatest in two way radio solutions.

Here at Airtime Plus Rentals, we make mobile radio rental easy. No matter the purpose, whether it be security, construction, sports events or anything you can think of, we are able to adapt our products and services to suit the varying needs of each client. We understand that some businesses rely heavily on our two way radios and accessories in their day to day operations, so we make sure that we constantly and consistently provide excellent products alongside excellent support.

Our Two-way Radio Rentals can be used for...

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