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How-To-Radio: Repeaters

Repeaters can be an incredibly useful part of your two way radio set-up, however many people don't understand what they are or how they can help improve the way you communicate.

Repeaters are used to extend and increase the range of your radios, allowing you to communicate with your team across further distances and through more difficult terrain. They are able to overcome geographical features that would otherwise obstruct radio communications by breaking the line of sight, or to extend coverage to allow communication over greater distances. This means a repeater can be a vital addition to your two way radio fleet, particularly if you work on a large plot of land or there is thick foliage or other obstructions to your line of sight.

While repeaters can be expensive at times, our team at Mobicomm have developed a custom farm repeater which can be adapted perfectly to your pre-existing communication setup, operating on either a digital or analogue system, as well as through either UHF or VHF. In addition, this repeater can be run off of either solar or mains power, meaning it will always be active when you need it, never leaving you without the extended communication range that your farm or worksite may need.

Repeaters can also be equipped with a variety of features, further improving communication in your workplace. These include one push group calling and important safety features such as “man down” or “lone worker”. These features mean that even if someone is working by themselves, they will be able to be located and their safety will be ensured.

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