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How-To-Radio: Antennas - Part 2

Antennas are a simple and cost effective way to boost reception and tailor your two-way radio setup to your specific needs. In the second part of this two part series we will cover the difference between helical and monopole antennas.

One of the greatest benefits of a two way radio communications solution is the ability to instantly reach the people that you need to, when you need to, regardless of where you are. A great way to ensure that this is going to happen is making sure you have the correct antenna installed in your radio. It's important that you know what kind of antenna you are going to need for your communications solution, and this guide will cover the two most common ways an antenna can be wired.

Helical Antennas

Usually for VHF radios as they require a longer antenna. To do so at full size wouldn't be practical for something you have to carry around all day. Instead the interior wire is coiled tight to get the same effect as a longer antenna, without the size. Though this type of antenna can be more expensive, you are getting more antenna and better range than you might be with a regular antenna.

Monopole Antennas

These antennas are exactly what they sound like, as they have a single piece of wire that runs through the rubber or plastic casing. This means the wire is fully protected, especially if used with a whip or stubby antenna shape. Though they have a shorter wire than with a helical antenna, they are often used with UHF radios, meaning they have to cover less ground than their VHF counterparts. They can also be lower in cost as there is less wire inside.

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