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Industry Solutions: Construction and Worksites

In the second instalment of our four part series focusing on how two way radio solutions can improve the way you communicate in different industries, we'll be focusing on construction and worksites.

Prevent Worksite Accidents

There are few things more important on a construction site than retaining worker safety. Protect yourself from tragedy and considerable legal implications with a modern and fully functioning two way radio system. Man Down and Lone Worker helps injured workers call for help and lets you keep track of where you workers are at all times.

Reliable and Durable

Two way radios can endure almost any condition, with waterproof and dust-proof technology that beats out any smartphone. With many radios having metal or plastic casings, you can feel comfortable taking it out into busy sites without fear of it bursting into thousands of pieces when dropped.

Communicate Across the Worksite

Your construction site will be far more efficient with easy-to-install radios in the vehicles on site, as well as both headset and helmet microphones. With the ability to communicate across the site and even to heavy machine operators, you can stay connected.

Manage and Oversee Operations

With seperate channels and broadcast options, you can stay organised and make sure you’re talking to the right people at the right time. Stay co-ordinated and accessible consistently with a working two-way radio system, making your workplace far more efficiently.


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