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Product Feature: CEL-FI

Sick of having no cellphone reception? Nextivity's CEL-FI has long been the go-to solution for improving mobile coverage at your home, and now with the recently released G02 model, you will also be able to do the same thing in your car, boat, caravan and more. 

With smart technology that automatically adjusts to fit your needs, the CEL-FI G02 is currently the only legal way to boost your mobile coverage in a vehicle. This means that in areas where there is sufficient coverage the device will not run, but when cellphone reception begins to drop out, the CEL-FI will activate, and start boosting your signal. This means the device will not interfere with any outside signals when you are in high-coverage areas.

Make dropped and missed calls a thing of the past, improve voice quality for clearer communication and even extend the battery life of your mobile phone, as the signal is always there when you need it.

This product is currently only available for Vodafone network users.

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