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Product Feature: Motorola WAVE™

Communication is essential for ensuring your team stays safe and works in an efficient way, and with the Motorola WAVE™ it's never been easier.  This short guide will explain how it works and why it may be the right solution for your workplace.

Motorola WAVE™ allows you to communicate across different networks and devices, including handhelds, cellphones, computers and landlines. This means you can communicate with your team, no matter what you are using or where you are. WAVE™ makes use of cellular and broadband networks to communicate, and their intuitively designed app means effective communication is only a button press away.

Motorola has also released a purpose-built Motorola WAVE™ handheld radio - the TLK100 - that has been specifically engineered to work with this system. This device can not only communicate using radio signals, keeping you safe when you are out of radio coverage, but it can make use of 4G LTE cellular networks as well. This means if you have cellphone reception you will be able to communicate with your team nationwide.

For a monthly reoccurring subscription fee, you will be able to implement Motorola WAVE™ into your communication solution in an affordable and seamless way. Using a combination of the dedicated TLK100 handhelds and other devices such as your mobile phone or computer, you will be able to instantly communicate with your team using radio networks, cellular networks and even wifi.

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