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Beginning from the 10th October 2019, Motorola are rolling out their new Essential Services model for managing warranties and firmware updates for their range of two-way radios. ...
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Ensuring your radios batteries last you all day is essential to ensuring effective communication in your workplace. Motorola is known for their commitment to making high quality two way radios, and their range of IMPRES batteries are no exception....
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Ensure you always have clear, consistent communication with Motorola's EVX-S24, their new portable digital-capable two way radio....
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Headsets and earpieces are a simple way to improve the way your workplace communicates....
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Carrying accessories are a great way to ensure that you can keep your radio where you need it, when you need it....
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How-To-Radio: Wireless RSM

January 16, 2019
If you work in a remote area or need to leave your vehicle often, making a wireless RSM unit part of your two way radio set up could help ensure you are able to communicate at critical times....
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If you are buying a radio for regular business use, your best bet is going to be investing in a business grade radio (UHF/ VHF). There are however other options, such as Citizen Band (CB) or Personal Radio Service (PRS) radios. ...
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