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How-To-Radio: External Microphones

Knowing what accessories you need to suit your industry or specific workload is a great way to customise your communication solution to work for you.

External microphones are a great way to effectively communicate with your team, without needing to pick up your two way radio. This is particularly effective if you work in an industry where you need to use your hands constantly and your radio is safely stored in a holster. Accidentally dropping your radio when you answer a call is a common problem, especially when you are focused on something else. These microphones can be clipped somewhere convenient on your body, such as your shoulder, meaning you can respond to any communication without having to handle your actual radio, reducing the risk of dropping it significantly.

If you wear your radio on a belt clip or have trouble reaching your radio when you need it, an external microphone will be a great way to ensure you are always able to communicate important messages when you need to. As you can have your microphone mounted somewhere like your shoulder or attached to a harness, it will be far easier to hear those critical communications. This is particularly useful if you work around heavy machinery in an industry life construction, manufacturing or forestry. 

Some of these microphones may have noise cancelling technology as well, meaning your audio is transmitted as clearly as possible. This is great if you work in loud environments, where you may otherwise struggle with hearing or transmitting messages.

While many radios have great water resistance (this can be easily checked by identifying their IP rating), there is always the risk of getting water damage if you are caught in heavy rain. If you work outside, there’s no way to guarantee that the day is going to go the way you planned it to, and if you and your radio get caught out in it, you could end up damaging your best form of communication. Keeping your radio safely under your jacket, or in a protective case and instead using a waterproof external microphone will mean your radio stays safe and dry without compromising your ability to communicate.

If you are wanting to find out whether an external microphone is right for you, our team of experts at Mobicomm will be more than happy to help out. 

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