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Iridium GO

The Iridium GO! grants global satellite voice and SMS messaging connectivity to your mobile devices, ideal for areas lacking mobile coverage. Just raise the built-in antenna, and the battery-powered unit swiftly and automatically links to the Iridium satellite network. You can connect up to five devices via Wi-Fi, operating one at a time within a 30-metre radius from the Iridium GO! It's compact enough to slip into your pocket and, like other Iridium devices, sturdy enough to endure rain, sand, dust, and rugged conditions.

Key Features of the Iridium GO

  • App support for iOS and Android

  • Calls, SMS and email capable via the free app

  • Voice calls

  • 2-way SMS

  • GPS tracking

  • SOS alerts

  • Email access

  • Weather forecasts

  • External antenna options available for indoor and vehicle/vessel use


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