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Motorola PMMN4007A Waris Compact Fist Microphone




Remote microphone and PTT for convenient one-handed mobile radio operation. Constructed of durable, shockproof, high impact plastic with robust construction coiled cord for strain relief.

Compatible with: CDM750, CDM1250, CDM1550, CDM1550-LS, CDM1550LS PlusCM140, CM160, CM200, CM300, CM340, CM360, DeskTracEM200, EM400GM1100, GM1200, GM1280, GM140, GM160, GM2000, GM300, GM3188, GM338GM340, GM350, GM360, GM3688, GM380, GM600, GM640, GM640, GM660, GM900, GM950GR1125, GR1225, GR300, GR400, GR500, GTX MobileLCS2000, LTS2000M10, M100, M120, M1225, M130, M200, M400, MaraTrac, MaxTracMC2100, MC900MCS2000, MCX1200, MCX2000, MCX600, MCX760, MCX780PM400, PRO3100, PRO5100, PRO7100, SM120, SM50

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