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Introducing Motorola Solutions WAVE PTX, the next generation of cloud-based PTT Communications

Whether you are reviewing your communications systems now or it is on the future to-do list, we would like to briefly showcase the latest PTT technology transforming the recreation and entertainment, hospitality, and travel and tourism industries.

We appreciate that managing large, complex or multiple sites can present unique challenges. Your security and operational teams have to coordinate hundreds or thousands of people. They need to:

  • Respond quickly and effectively to customer needs and to any safety and security alerts

  • Manage operations effectively for the best possible guest experience

  • And you must respect staffing and budget constraints

  • Boost security and safety

  • Provide an exceptional service

What is WAVE PTX?

WAVE PTX is a subscription-based Push-to-Talk (PTT) group communication service which instantly connects teams across different devices, networks and locations. There is no infrastructure, and you just pay for the devices or applications your operation needs. WAVE PTX also allows you to seamlessly connect your existing assets, such as smartphones, PCs and Motorola radios.

WAVE PTX Solution Components

WAVE PTX Devices

How can WAVE PTX benefit your business?

  • Customers want issues to be resolved quickly. They expect up-to-date, accurate information and great customer service. With WAVE PTX, your teams can connect and coordinate at the push of a button to respond instantly to customers' requests. You can establish dedicated talk groups, and the AI-backed noise suppression allows employees to hear and be heard for the first time.

  • Many tourism and travel companies operate across multiple zones, huge, complex sites or changing locations. WAVE PTX constantly roams to find the strongest cellular or WiFi signal for instant PTT communications without boundaries. Your employees are always connected. It works wherever you are; there are no boundaries.

  • The WAVE PTX devices (TLK100 and TLK150 models) and applications (mobile and dispatch) are extremely easy to use for permanent or temporary staff. The devices are also lightweight, compact, with exceptional battery life and can operate in all weather and temperatures.

  • It’s a cost-effective, easy-to-use solution that will positively impact your bottom line. There is no costly infrastructure, and it can be deployed in a few hours. The flexibility WAVE PTX offers means you can extend beyond voice, to provide multimedia collaboration tools to your teams AND your teams can communicate across different networks on different devices - from radios to smartphones and PCs. A coordinated, cohesive approach for positive outcomes.

  • The improved operational efficiency gained from effective instant communications also drives revenue, as real-time information flow helps to reduce waiting times, encourage prompt service, expedite table turns and aid timely restocking.

  • Most importantly, a well-connected staff member is much better placed to serve a customer effectively. They can quickly place food or drink orders, communicate knowledgeably, resolve issues quickly, coordinate events and set the correct expectations. When customers' needs are met through high standards of customer care, they will return or recommend your business.


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