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How-To-Radio: Wireless RSM

If you work in a remote area or need to leave your vehicle often, making a wireless RSM unit part of your two way radio set up could help ensure you are able to communicate at critical times.

Long range wireless remote speaker microphones (abbreviated to RSM) allow you to maintain critical communications if you are away from your vehicle or mobile radio. As your vehicle has an aerial, there are places where it will have better coverage than your handheld radio. Using a wireless RSM allows you to take advantage of your mobile units enhanced coverage outside of your vehicle (up to a range of 100m).

Having a wireless RSM can prove also be useful if you are a remote worker or heavy machinery operator and need to leave your vehicle, where your mobile radio is. They allow you to directly communicate in the same way that you would with the radio in the vehicle, acting exactly like the wired microphone that you already know how to use. These can also be useful for security purposes, as they are discreet and can be used with headsets or earpieces and can operate on a dark mode. Some models also have a task light, which while not essential to communication, is a convenient feature, and reduces your load even more.

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