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How-To-Radio: Headsets and Earpieces

Headsets and earpieces are a simple way to improve the way your workplace communicates.

Communicating with everyone in your workplace in an easy, efficient way isn’t always as simple as you might think. It gets even more difficult when you are working in a high-noise environment, such as a manufacturing plant or a construction site. That’s why headsets and earpieces are such valuable tools in your communication toolbox. There are many varieties of headsets and earpieces, each suited to fit the industry or job that they are required, from almost unnoticeable earpieces to rugged headsets.

An earpiece like the Motorola D-Shell Style Earpiece is great for discreet communication, giving you clear audio that only you are able to hear. This means these kinds of earpieces excel in areas where information may be sensitive, or conversations need to be kept fairly quiet. These can also be used in addition to scrambling technology to ensure even more privacy of communication.

On the other end of the spectrum comes things like the Motorola Hard Hat Mount Headset, which have been specifically designed for industrial workers working in high noise areas. The headset is fully integrated into the hard hat, which is made of a sturdy material that will be up to code with most workplaces health and safety standards. This style of headsets are great for industries such as manufacturing and construction, as they provide protection as well as clear audio even in high noise situations, meaning communication is ensured to go through. This helps to keep your workplace not only more efficient but safer as well.

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