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Industry Solutions: Agriculture

In the first instalment of our four part series focusing on how two way radio solutions can improve the way you communicate in different industries, we'll be focusing on agriculture and farming in New Zealand.

Retain Worker Safety

There are few things more important on a farm than retaining worker safety. Protect yourself from potential tragedy and considerable legal implications with a modern and fully functioning two way radio system. Man Down and Lone Worker helps injured workers call for help and lets you keep track of where you workers are at all times.

Communicate Efficiently

Your farming workplace will be far more efficient with easy-to-install radios in anything from your trusty quad bike to your beaten up ute. With the ability to communicate across the farm regardless of how many bars your cellphone has, farmhands can get jobs done faster than ever.

Endure the Environment

Two way radios are built to be used as tools, and are incredibly durable, with waterproof technology that beats out any smartphone. With many radios having metal or plastic casings, you can feel comfortable taking it out into rough terrain without fear of it being damaged or destroyed when dropped.

Never Lose Coverage

Chances are, most farms don’t have excellent cell reception. That’s no longer a problem with an up-to-date two way radio system, as they are able to communicate in locations where phones are unable to connect. Private communications networks keep your line of communication clear and secure, and networks can be set up with or without a repeater system.

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